Emma Motrico, Ph.D is associate professor of Developmental Psychology at the Department of Psychology at University Loyola, Seville, Spain. She is also director of the Doctoral School at University Loyola.
Her research focuses on prevention of mental disorders, specially depression and anxiety, and the implementation of preventive interventions in mental health settings. She is the coordinator of the research line of 'Prevention and promotion in mental health' in the LoyolaHealth research group and member of the 'Predictplusprevent' research group.
She is the co-chair of the 'Prevention of Perinatal Mental Disorders' Special Interest Group in the International Marcé Society for Perinatal Mental health and the leader of the Task Force 'Perinatal Mental health and COVID-19 pandemic' in the Riseup-PPD Cost-Action.
More information about me and my work can be found at the About tab. For questions, you can send me an email at: emotrico@uloyola.es


Santander W50 leaders- 2021

So proud to have been chosen as one of the 50 women for the LSE W50 Leadership!!! ✌🏻

Data collection of 'Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic in Perinatal Mental Health (RiseUp-PPD-COVID-19)' international study finished. More than 15.000 participants from 13 countries!

Research topic on 'Web-based and Mobile-based interventions for perinatal mental health' in Frontiers Women Health & Frontiers Digital Health. Co-editors: E. Motrico & A. Fonseca

Emma Motrico

Avda. de las Universidades, s/n. 41704 - Dos Hermanas- Seville (SPAIN)

Tel. +34 955 641 600 (Ext. 2426); Mobile phone: + 34 686 703 107

E-mail: emotrico@uloyola.es