Supervised PhD Students

I have supervised or co-supervised 4 PhD students, and currently I supervise another 2 PhD students. All of my PhD students are post-doctoral researchers or assistant professors at the university.

'Postpartum depression: effectiveness of preventive interventions and evaluation in women from the Roma community.'

PhD Student: Carmen Martín-Gómez; Date: 29/09/2020

This Doctoral Thesis aimed to contribute to the improvement of perinatal mental health, supporting the optimization of two fundamental pillars: the prevention of postpartum depression and its evaluation, the latter focusing on women of the ROMA community as a population at risk. Full Doctoral Thesis

'Effectiveness of lifestyles multiple behavior change interventions for the prevention of depression'

PhD Student: Irene Gómez-Gómez; Date: 30/09/2020

One way to prevent depression could be through promoting healthy lifestyles. This Doctoral Thesis aimed to evaluate the effectiveness of the EIRA lifestyle multiple behaviour change intervention for the prevention of depression in primary care. Full Doctoral Thesis

Research Conference of the 'Research Network on Preventive Activities and Health Promotion in Primary Care' (redIAPP)

Irene presented preliminary results of her Doctoral Thesis at Research Conference of the 'Research Network on Preventive Activities and Health Promotion in Primary Care' (April 3, 2019)

'Cardiac rehabilitation women non-adherence'

PhD Student: Davinia Maria Resurreción; Date: 28/09/2018

The main objective of this thesis, presented as a compendium of publications,was to provide insight into the problem of non-adherenceto cardiac rehabilitation (CR) programs in women.

Full Doctoral Thesis

'Development and validation of a risk algorithm to predict anxiety episodes in primary care'

PhD student: Patricia Moreno-Peral. Defense date: 07/01/2013.

Co-researcher in charge of the Institute of Biomedical Research of Malaga (IBIMA) and Researcher of the Network of Preventive Activities and Health Promotion (redIAPP). I am a senior researcher Miguel Servet (CP19 / 00056) at IBIMA, and a university professor at the University of Malaga and the National University of Distance Education (UNED).

Publications of Patricia Moreno-Peral

Dra. Patricia Moreno Peral is a senior researcher at the IBIMA granted as Miguel Servet researcher, and an university teacher in University of MalagaUniversity (Spain). Her field of interest is the prediction and prevention of anxiety and depression. She has published in high impact factor journals such as: JAMA Psychiatry, Annals Internal Medicine, Clinical Psychology Review or BMC Medicine. Publications of Patricia Moreno-Peral