Emma Motrico, PhD is Ramon&Cajal Research Fellow at Department of Developmental and Educational Psychology at University of Seville (Spain).
Her research focuses on the prevention of mental disorders, especially depression and anxiety, and the implementation of preventive interventions in health settings. She is the Principal Investigator of the 'Perinatal Mental Health' (Perinatal IBIS-Lab) at the Institute of Biomedicine of Seville (IBIS) and a member of the 'Predictplusprevent' research group.
She is principal investigator of the ERC Starting Grant 'e-Perinatal' and the co-chair of the 'Prevention of Perinatal Mental Disorders' Special Interest Group in the International Marcé Society for Perinatal Mental Health.
A person who wants to find a solution to a public health problem has a different task than someone who wants to create or test a theory” (Eldredge, Markham, Ruiter, Kok, & Parcel, 2016, p. 8) 


'E-perinatal' ERC-Starting Grant 2021

My project 'e-Perinatal: Universal prevention of maternal perinatal mental disorders and its implementation as normalize routine practice' has been funded by ERC Starting Grant-2021 ! ✌🏻

Data collection of 'Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic in Perinatal Mental Health (RiseUp-PPD-COVID-19)' international study finished. More than 15.000 participants from 13 countries!

Research topic on 'Web-based and Mobile-based interventions for perinatal mental health' in Frontiers Women Health & Frontiers Digital Health. Co-editors: E. Motrico & A. Fonseca

Emma Motrico

C. Camilo José Cela, s/n, 41018 - Seville (SPAIN)

E-mail: emotrico@us.es